Unveiling The End Times In Our Time (paperback)

by Adrian Rogers

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A chapter-by-chapter road map to the incredible prophecies awaiting the world at the end time. Not only is this book a simple and clear exposition of what happens in Revelation, from a premillennial and pretribulational point of view, it also explores the ultimate destiny of Israel in the last days.

Adrian Rogers explains in very simple to understand terms the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. He believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of Almighty God. From this basis, all Scripture explains Scripture. Therefore, I believe this book to be a very helpful tool to open to the reader an understanding of the Word of God. In Genesis, God created heaven and earth. In Revelation He comes as King of kings and Lord of Lords and creates a new heaven and earth with no more suffering and no more death.

  • paperback cover
  • paperback
  • 287 pages
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