Truth Worth Sharing: Factors of Faithfulness (Discipleship Tool)

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The Factors of Faithfulness guide, designed to help you be more effective as a disciple-maker, includes two bookmarks and two booklets with daily scripture readings based on Pastor Adrian Rogers messages in the Factors of Faithfulness series.

Jesus’ last earthly instructions were to go and make disciples. For some, that is a call to missions or full-time ministry. But most are called to make disciples in our everyday lives and relationships. How can we do that?  Dr. Rogers said, “Point people to scripture and get out of the way!”  Love Worth Finding now has a new discipleship tool that will help you do just that. 

Disciple-making begins with a relationship. Give one set to a friend to point them to scripture. Then schedule a regular time to enjoy a relaxed conversation and share what God is doing in your lives.

PREPARE YOUR HEART: Each of you will use the bookmark as your starting place. The daily Scripture references are on the bookmark with the reverse side offering helpful habits for getting the most from your Scripture reading and devotion time. Read the daily Scripture then pray and ask God to show you His truth and help you share it.

To enhance your journey, read the brief thought from Pastor Rogers for that day in the accompanying booklet. You will also have online access to the audio messages for each week's emphasis. 

SHARE WITH YOUR FRIEND: Then, share what God is doing in your life. It’s that simple! Let the Lord guide you as you discuss what you’ve learned through your reading.