The Sweetest Fellowship this Side of Heaven Series

Adrian Rogers

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If you could choose just one word to describe what you enjoy with other believers, it just might be the word "fellowship." It's the sweetest communion because of Who we share together — Jesus Christ. It's a fellowship you can learn more about in these eleven insightful messages by Adrian Rogers from 1 John.

The Sweetest Fellowship this Side of Heaven Series

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Messages included:
2099 - The Sweetest Fellowship This Side of Heaven
2101 - Things That Hinder Fellowship
2103 - Birthmarks of the Believer
2105 - How to be a Growing Christian
2107 - Your Friendly Enemy
2112 - Living In The Last Days
2113 - When We All Get to Heaven
2115 - Real Salvation
2117 - The Legacy of Love
2118 - Will Christmas Be Christ or Anti-Christ
2119 - How to be Absolutely Sure

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