The Power of His Presence (Book)

by Adrian Rogers

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SKU: B103

At the heart of the Christian faith is the overwhelming truth that as God's people we are the dwelling-place, the temple, of the living God. That fact alone should radically transform us in every way––from our understanding of God's love and our value to Him, right down to our every thought, word, and deed. But too often we overlook this profoundly personal reality in search of "theology," convinced that knowing the facts of faith will allow us to experience the power of God. Instead, we must remember that Christianity is a relationship with a living person––the Lord Jesus Christ––who deeply desires to be present with His people. And He empowers us to live a joyful, abundant Christian life––if we will allow Him His place; if we will make Him Lord of all that we have and are.

  • paperback
  • 188 pages
  • 5.5" x 8.5"

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