The Keys to the Kingdom Series

The Keys to the Kingdom Series

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Jesus began His Sermon on the Mount with a well-known list of beatitudes. But what is a beatitude? Beatitude is really the satisfaction, joy, happiness, and blessing we feel when we know God has completely fulfilled a spiritual need. It is the attitude that ought to be reflected in the understanding of God's perfect provision. Beatitude is the real happiness that escapes the people who seek happiness. It is the real blessedness that comes only to those who seek the blessing of God. His beatitudes are the Keys to His Kingdom.

The Keys to the Kingdom Series

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Messages included:
1654 - When Bankruptcy Becomes a Blessing
1655 - Turning Tears into Telescopes
1657 - The Mighty Meek
1659 - The Secret of Satisfaction
1660 - The Magnificence of Mercy
1661 - Integrity: Don't Leave Home Without It
1663 - The Priority of Peacemaking
1665 - Preparing for Persecution

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