The Bible: the Book of the Ages Series

Adrian Rogers

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The Bible is not the book of the month or the book of the year. It is the book of the ages. It is unlike any other book—for we read other books, but this book reads us. And no other book has ever had as much opposition as the Bible. People have laughed at it, scorned it, ridiculed it, made laws against it, and even burned it. Yet it has outlived, out-lifted, out-loved, out-reached, out-ranked, and out-blessed all other books put together. It is the living breathing Word of God. Thank God for the Bible.

The Bible: The Book of the Ages

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Messages included:
2169 - Christian Warfare
5490 - God's Word as a Mirror
2245 - Having Strong Faith
2187 - How You Can Know God Personally
5817 - How to Know the Bible is the Word of God
5818 - The Amazing Word of God
2146 - How to Make Your Bible Come Alive
2437 - Learning to Share Jesus
2193 - Lighting the Future
1294 - The Ministry of the Word of God
5578 - Seven Wonders of the Word of God
1948 - The Word of God

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