Starting Point Package

Adrian Rogers

XXX 30.00


Sometimes we just need a starting point. 

Have you wondered about some practical tools you could give someone you've introduced and led to Jesus? You don't want to leave them without a direction to go in. You need that starting point.

LWF has long used our First Steps Collection as a help to those who've just made a decision to follow Jesus. Pastor Adrian Rogers shares profound truth in such a simple way that it will help the new believer take their first steps in their journey of faith.

The First Steps Collection includes:

  • The Gospel of John from the Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible
  • Victorious Prayer booklet - There’s no failure in our lives that isn't a prayer failure; no sin that prayer couldn’t have prevented, no genuine need that fervent, believing prayer cannot meet. Learn how to pray right, so your prayers will not be denied.
  • Blessed Assurance booklet - Many Christians lack assurance of their salvation. But you can know you're saved beyond a shadow of a doubt. God's Word says so!
  • The Holy Spirit: Your Best Friend booklet - The Holy Spirit wants to have a royal place of residence in your heart. He wants to give you all the love and comfort you need.
  • How to Make Your Bible Come Alive booklet - When you appreciate the virtues of the Word of God, assimilate the vitality of the Word of God, and appropriate the values of the Word of God, then the Bible will burst aflame in your life!

This 5-Pack is available for 25% off the retail price of 5 orders of the First Steps Collection.