Spiritual Conversation Starter Kit

Spiritual Conversation Starter Kit

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Starting a spiritual conversation about Jesus with someone — whether a stranger or a family member — can feel tricky or awkward at times. Where do you start? What if the setting’s not right? Once you get passed the small talk, how do you dive deep into Gospel truth? These questions flood all of our minds in the midst of sharing our faith with others. This Spiritual Conversation Starter Kit is designed to help you with those questions. In this kit, you will find the following:

  • A set of John 3:16 conversation starters / tracts that answer the question: Does God really love me? 
  • A set of What's Next decision cards
  • 3 copies of The Gospel of John from The Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible

These resources are small enough to be carried with you wherever you go! When you have these on hand, you will be more prepared for those spiritual conversations. If you would like more resources for getting prepared to Share Your Faith, we have many online resources for you to access. Visit our Share Your Faith page for more details.