Names of God Ornaments

Names of God Ornaments

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As you prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, these beautifully illustrated ornaments—one for each day December 1-25—can be hung on a tree or clipped onto a ribbon or banner in your home. Use your imagination and use the time to get to know God better through His names.

As we pray to God, we can gain insight into His character and approach Him with more understanding when we call on Him using specific names He gave us in His Word. There are names God gives us for Himself—revealing His nature as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—names that inspired writers called Him—revealing His interaction with humanity—and symbolic designations used to describe Him. Taken together, these “names” number in the hundreds.

For the purposes of this advent devotional corresponding to the Names of God ornaments, we’ve chosen 25 names and provided a Scripture that uses each name along with a brief thought you might consider as you talk to God using that name.


Original artwork by Morgan Harrington.
Morgan is a Tennessee artist, who is in love with Jesus. She loves painting and pursuing Christ with each passing day. Morgan resides in Memphis, TN with her husband and three children and they all attend Bellevue Baptist Church. It is her prayer that these ornaments draw you closer to the Lord, being reminded of HIs character and helping you worship Him even more deeply as you reflect on His glorious names. You can find out more at Morgan Harrington Art.