More Than Conquerors Bible Study

More Than Conquerors Bible Study

from the messages of Adrian Rogers

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The Ten Commandments may be disappearing from our public spaces and everyday life, but they are not outdated or irrelevant. They were not meant to be temporary. They’re for all time. They don’t need to be revised, expanded, or updated.

While Christians are right to desire a society that abides by the Ten Commandments, we must also remember that these commandments were given first for the home. When we teach these commandments, we bring life into our homes. This study walks us through each commandment and how to teach it to our children so we can have godly homes.

Everything we need for life can be accounted for in the Ten Commandments; families fail to teach them at their own peril. When a man jumps out of a 10-story building, he doesn’t break the law of gravity; he demonstrates it. We don’t break the Ten Commandments. They stand forever whether we keep them or not. When we transgress them, we are broken on them.

Each study follows Pastor Rogers' guide to studying the Bible: Pray Over It. Ponder It. Put It in Writing. Practice It. Proclaim It.

  • 10-week Bible study
  • spiral-bound
  • includes a discussion guide
  • 164 pages
  • 5.5" x 8.5"