Jesus Came Into the World Christmas Card 10-pack

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Give those you love the personal touch only a hand-signed Christmas card provides. And while you’re at it, send a card that speaks to the world’s greatest need, the love and salvation found only through Jesus Christ!

INSIDE THE CARD: The real wonder of Christmas is that the answer to our most difficult questions came to us as a child. Jesus is the answer. He is the greatest Love worth finding.


Lacey Hancock, artist
Lacey Hancock, artist

Lacey Hancock painted the cover of our Love Worth Finding 2020 Christmas card. Lacey makes her living creating beautiful works our readers can find on Facebook by searching “God’s Hand Lacey’s Heart.” She says of herself: “A Tennessee artist with downs syndrome, I have been blessed by God with a love for dancing, writing, music and painting. …I love my life.”

Lacey is the 32-year-old daughter of Bobby and Vickie Hancock. As we anticipate National Sanctity of Human Life Day January 22, you can look forward to more of the Hancock family’s story in the January/February issue of our LWF newsletter.

You can find out more about Lacey at God's Hand, Lacey's Heart.