Handbook for Survival Series

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This study from the book of Jude has a wealth of spiritual guidance for living in the days of apostasy, or that time when men fall away from their faith. Join Adrian Rogers as he provides a keen, spiritual insight into how Christians are to live during the last days. These messages will challenge your mind, stir your soul, and increase your faith in the great God we serve!

Handbook for Survival Series

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Messages included:
1078 - The Believer's Security Blanket
1080 - The Battle for the Bible
1082 - Dreams That Never Come True
1084 - Snakes in the Garden
1086 - The Portrait of an Apostate
1088 - The Second Coming and Apostasy of Last Days
1089 - Surviving Apostasy
1091 - Rescue the Perishing
1093 - Blessed Assurance

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