Family Survival In An X-rated World (Book)

by Adrian Rogers

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The words of Adrian Rogers ring shockingly true in reference to the problem of pornography today. Unguarded television and computer screens are now the wide-open doorways through which sexual immorality invades homes like never before. But children are by no means the only victims. Every family member is highly susceptible to the modern affordability, anonymity, and availability or pornography. Family Survival in an X-Rated World clearly shows how to prevent the onslaught of so-called adult entertainment, providing a game plan to resist this crippling temptation of the flesh through a vital relationship with God. Writing to youth, adults, and churches alike, Dr. Rogers calls for a purified heart and mind covenant of faith among families, and he exposes pornography as the cheap, cowardly enemy of true love and godly homes.

  • paperback
  • 179 pages
  • 5.5" x 8.5"