Critical Issues of Our Times Series

Adrian Rogers

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These are indeed dangerous days in which we live and the sands of time are running low for this generation. We are rapidly approaching the end of an age and this world is on a collision course with judgment and disaster. Our Lord is not surprised by these conditions, and He has given us the answers for these critical issues long before they were ever brought to the forefront. In this album, Adrian Rogers addresses twelve critical issues each of us faces. Examine each issue with an open Bible to reveal God's plumb line for your life.

Critical Issues of Our Times

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Messages included:
1476 - These Issues We Face
1487 - The New Age
1502 - Who Is the Man Called Jesus Christ?
1512 - Countdown in the Holy Land
1513 - The Bible and Animal Rights
1690 - The Sin of Silence
1745 - What's Wrong with Gambling?
1883 - The Coming Kingdom of Christ
1914 - Evolution: Fact or Fiction
1941 - The Power Behind the Throne
1978 - The High Cost of Low Living
2003 - Is It Really Just a Small, Small, World?

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